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Cosmic Consciousness

Natalie Jeanne Maddy
3 min readAug 4, 2022


via Transcendental Meditation

The state of Transcendental Consciousness can be integrated with sleeping and waking to constitute the state of Cosmic Consciousness by regularly practicing TM.

During TC, there is a noted absence of time, space and body sense, which are indicators of the waking state. It is when this higher state of consciousness is always remaining that it becomes the fifth state called CC.

A means of reaching CC is to regularly practice TM, which naturally results in transcendental experiences. After just two months of practicing TM, there is an increase in broadband coherence and brain integration, which decrease anxiety, depression and mood disturbances while increasing vigor, coping, and global thinking. This is because in mere seconds, the mind spontaneously wanders toward Pure Consciousness.

In PC, there is a state of being rather than a state of thinking or doing because thoughts are silenced as meditators transcend the subject and object dichotomy, no longer experiencing the world as concrete objects but as abstract.

During TM, there is an increase in frontal alpha 1 waves, whether the meditator has been practicing 4 months of 8 years, which creates a wholeness in the rest of the brain. During activity, however, those who practice for 8 years have both alpha waves increased with a co-existence of delta waves, meaning those people have gone through physiological habituation and thus led to CC. During TM, they are saturated with TC, and a little of this remains during dynamic activity (think of a yellow cloth being dyed repeatedly and then dried in the Sun) until this growth leads to TC during waking and sleeping as well, resulting in CC.

As we grow toward CC, we realize the self is different from the mind, which identifies with desires. Instead, thoughts are “thrown upwards to the surface,” unto the changing field that opposes the identity with the non-changing silence of the Being. We are born to grow toward this, starting with an unassembled brain that then explodes in connections. We de-embed from the object to have a mind to think. We then think abstractly, known as former operations. We then transcend beyond thoughts, reintegrating the unbound with outer objects, eventually growing to GC and Unity. We are constantly refining as we grow toward enlightenment, and TM is the driver to keep us refining, as we experience TC and then, CC.

I know we are built to grow toward CC, as seen in athletes, top-level managers, and classical musicians who all have higher brain integration than average, but the driver is ultimately TM. By alternating TM with my daily activity, I am naturally beginning to integrate this state into waking and sleeping, and all without even trying! I’m experiencing apneustic breathing, activity to silence, and an increase in coherence just by regularly practicing TM. It’s quite incredible that my mind naturally wants to grow toward CC.



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