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I Might Never Know

a poem on imprisonment

Natalie Jeanne Maddy
2 min readSep 11, 2023


Heart bleeding into a pool that crumbles upon itself until it’s a black hole

Smaller than a proton or even a quark

Tears filling the cups that would otherwise my empty in my life

Lashes so heavy, I can’t even open my eyes properly to see true beauty

Or even the reality beyond the transcendence

And into the unified field

Bones made of glass that shatter under the lightest of blows

Yet too heavy to muster up a movement, a smile, a wink, a shiver

Cold creeps under my skin long enough to give me permanent goose bumps

That are mistaken for freckles when merely glancing my way under the glistening Sun trying oh so heard to gently kiss my skin

I can feel your finger running up and down my spine like an icicle,

But when I turn around to see your face one last time,

I see nothing

I’m alone

Bars keep you where you are, but you aren’t stable

I have no bars, and I’m stable in the fear stricken my entire essence

I’m enveloped by a sea of sorrow

Even though I live in a desert

And here you are, weighing heavy on me without a mere presence to deem it justice nor fair nor comprehensible to any outside eye lurking in my chaos

Glasses cover my face, presumably to aid me in seeing clarity in the world

But instead, it masks me like roses covering my eyes, me naively thinking reality wasn’t bleak nor even truly real

Until I feel the pain whisking me into an alternate reality, in which dreamland coincides with worm holes and depression but also unicorns who never die

Birds flutter around me as they allow death to take its soul into a world I know not.




Might I be a child, confused in this world of mayhem, taking everything for what it is without true understanding?

I have my experience alone.

My memories alone.

My perception alone.

My emotions alone.

My alone.


I couldn’t be further from the truth.

Unless all of this IS the truth.

I might never know



Natalie Jeanne Maddy

I try to rouse others to find their truths by writing about my own!💋Yoga, meditation, and aromatherapy teacher. Author of 5 books — thriller, healing, poetry.