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Life is Beautiful

Experiencing a Festival Alone

Natalie Jeanne Maddy
3 min readSep 23, 2023


Loneliness adds beauty to life. It puts a special burn on sunsets and makes night air smell better.
Henry Rollins

Life is Beautiful is a festival held in the streets of Downtown Las Vegas — my prior place of residency.

I thrive downtown. I also thrive in Summerlin. I also thrive in Las Vegas. I also thrive in India. I also thrive in Wyoming. Colorado. Utah. Seattle. Austin. Europe. You name it!

But Downtown Las Vegas is a different type of vibe. Here, you are allowed to be your full self, without any judgment (audible or visible, that is). You can be beautiful. You can be a hippie. You can be weird. You can be different. You can be YOURSELF. You can be alone.

So I chose to go to a beautiful festival alone.


Because, why the fuck not?!

I get to meet people, that way, without the confinement of being tethered to the group in which I belong. Because perhaps I don’t want confinement. I get to go when I want. Leave when I want. Mingle when I want. Drink when I want. Eat when I want. Talk to strangers when I want. Learn people’s stories when I want. Or just enjoy the fucking music alone when I want.

I got to capture moments in time, stilled forever by my camera, by being alone. I got to people watch and listen and observe rather than conversing with my friends. I got to run into people and chat for hours, because I wasn’t held back. I got to make a bracelet. I got to try on rings. I got to scope out the venues and the seating and what best served me.

I got to be freely and fully myself.

I saw gymnasts perform on stage. I saw a gay pride walk by, with glitz and glam and enormous smiles on their faces. I got to watch couples argue, before embracing in a warm, tight hug of forgiveness. I got to FEEL the music in my chest without any interruptions nor distractions. I got to be in my element.

I got to be me.

I’m not saying I love going places alone always. But sometimes? I fucking love it.

Life is Beautiful was a reminder how beautiful life truly is. We create our own reality, and we get to LIVE the way we…



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