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My Favorite “F” Word

“I know nothing in the world that has as much power as a word. Sometimes I write one, and I look at it, until it begins to shine.”
― Emily Dickinson

For anyone who knows me at all, it’s no surprise that my favorite f word (let’s be honest here — my favorite word) is fuck.

From the Urban Dictionary itself, fuck is defined as follows:

an extremely flexible, magic word that exists in nearly every part of speech

Indeed, fuck is quite flexible and also pure magical. It stems from anger, love, lust, contentment, confusion, mystic, wonder, curiosity, allowance, freedom. The word itself cannot be defined by one single definition, nor can it be used as just a noun or verb or adverb or adjective. When other words just don’t suffice the emotion warranted, fuck does. When trying to describe a feeling mustering itself in the depths of your essence, the word fuck is uttered a resemblance of release — floating itself away from the mouth when a subtle exhale is not enough. Not enough.


You can scream all you want, but until you use the word fuck, no other scream prevails.


You can whisper all you want — or remain quiet as your thoughts stew and fester themselves into an implosion of a frenzy inside your mind’s eye — but until you release the word fuck, the silence remains stagnant and unwavering, continuing to disturb your otherwise peaceful day.

Fuck that. Fuck you. Fuck this. Fuck her. Fuck him. Fuck me. Fuck anything and everything!

Fuck is just a word, though: lest you ever forget. A word is a word is a word.

Words don’t define who you are, nor do they reiterate your circumstance. Words were built upon more words, and definitions follow suit of words upon words upon words upon (you fucking guessed it): words.

Did you know “swearing can also be used as a psychological tool in the service of helping,” so swear away, my friend. Swear away.

Swearing can release built-up tension inside a busy mind, resulting in a complete release of all that is otherwise weighing you down. Fuck it — just use the damn word!


I hope you like to fuck. Excuse me… I hope you like to say fuck, if you’re reading this post. If you don’t? Give it a fucking try. I can (almost) guarantee, the power of this word won’t disappoint.

Fucking free yourself, man. Free yourself from the confines of “normality,” whatever the fuck normal even is. Free yourself from the box of ordinary that tells you not to swear or — whatever the fuck they tell you not to do these days. Free yourself from the idea that using swear words is vulgar, inappropriate, forbidden, aggressive. None of those things are true…unless you deem them to be. The choice is always yours.

So I leave you with this:

Fly high like a bird with the words you use, whether they’re categorized as offensive or what have you, because words do hold power, and words shine brighter the more you use them with intent and passion and love.

Thanks for fucking reading.

I try to rouse others to find their truths by writing about my own! Yoga, meditation and aromatherapy teacher. Author: The Reddest Rose Bleeds the Deepest.

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