We Might Be the Crazy Ones

Natalie Jeanne Maddy
4 min readJun 21, 2019
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crazy — in a state of mind which prevents normal perception

normal conforming to a standard

conform — behave according to socially acceptable conventions

What if the so-called crazy people are actually enlightened — privy to a world we are not yet capable of seeing — yet we deem them as mentally ill, perking them with the endearing terms of deranged, senile, unstable. Maybe we are actually the crazy ones, for not following suit: we conform to deceive those around us, persuading everyone (especially ourselves) we are normal, not crazy at all. But normalcy is just a facade, honestly.

Have you ever had a dream come to fruition? And when you tell another soul exactly that, you stop midway through because they give you this look like you are crazy. But in your head, you know a scene in your life played out exactly the way it once did while you were asleep, enjoying fully the ecstasy of a dream come true. Literally.

What about a shared experience, where you divulge your scary mishaps to your best friend, and they relay their same, crazy, occurrence. Such as sleep paralysis but not just that — you both saw a silhouette of a woman while not able to move but fully aware of your surroundings? Is that so crazy after all, if you are not alone in the matter? You both saw her, so it MUST have been real. You are not delusional like society standards suggest.

Have you ever walked by an alleged crazy, who appears to be talking to someone (and clearly not to themselves — they may even point and kick at this other presence in their mind), but you only see the one person? You might be thinking how odd they are, and you may even feel remorse that our government has shunned those with mental diseases, kicking them to the curb. Literally.

We so easily define all of these circumstantial situations as CRAZY because even as I am typing this now, I feel a sense of disturbia. Perhaps it is because we have conformed to the standard to not allow difference or misunderstood events or honestly, the unknown. When certain things happen with no absolute explanation, we tend to coin the term coincidence or crazy, sometimes even turning to science for a reasonable conclusion. But sometimes, there just is no answer that can properly be backed by tests or samples…



Natalie Jeanne Maddy

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